If you’re someone that struggles with setting goals and staying focused enough to hit those goals, your approach needs to be checked. Asking the right questions when setting goals and when trying to find a business partner can get you farther down the right path. 

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset Podcast, we chat with Dave Gutierrez & Stu Grazier about being community minded and the power of accountability. 

David Gutierrez and Stu Grazier forged a lasting bond at the Naval Academy, navigating distant postings except for a memorable stint in Naples, Italy. There, amidst shared laughter and future dreams, they decided to embark on a new adventure: real estate investing.

But their journey wasn’t just about bricks and mortar. They understood the crucial role of choosing the right partners – in this case, each other. Building on their friendship, they meticulously planned their business partnership. Like pre-marital counseling, they discussed core values, potential roadblocks (unappraised deals, enticing outside opportunities), and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Open communication and mutual respect were key to ensuring they continued to bring their best selves to the table.

Their story underscores a vital message: before diving into any partnership, have the essential conversations. Just like marriage, discuss expectations, anticipate challenges, and create a roadmap for success. In their case, clear communication and meticulous planning laid the foundation for a thriving business built on trust and friendship.


What we discuss:

(03:00) Creating a community of givers

(7:30) The start of the Kinetic Man Mastermind

(14:00) The power of accountability 

(24:45) Goal setting & Building Kinetic Men

(36:50) Being a person someone would invest in

(47:00) Cut your to do list 

(48:30) Celebrate the wins

(50:00) Find more from Dave & Stu


To learn more about Dave Gutierrez & Stu Grazier:

Website: https://storehouse310.com/ 

Podcast: The Kinetic Man

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