Have you considered investing in real estate property, but aren’t sure how to do it remotely? 

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset Podcast, we chat with Jen and Stacy Conkey, the creators of Remote Multifamily Investing Academy. We chat about community within their real estate investment coaching programs, and how they started at zero. Jen and Stacy have built a booming community of real estate investors, all growing and learning together. 

We also discuss the importance of adding value and how to manage assests when living remote. Investing in real estate remotely is possible as long as you’re using systems and technology to keep you apprised of what needs to be managed. 

Jen & Stacy Conkey are not just a dynamic power couple; they’re a real estate powerhouse with two decades of investment experience and an insatiable drive to transform the multifamily education space. Their passion isn’t just in doing deals — it’s in elevating others to do the same.


What we discuss:

(0:50) Jen & Stacy’s background

(8:22) Finding deals

(13:47) Education for managing assets

(18:00) The start of coaching 

(25:00) Solving loneliness for investors

(27:00) It’s okay to be a beginner

(39:30) How groups grow

(42:00) Where to find more from Jen & Stacy


To learn more about Jen & Stacy Conkey:

Free training: https://www.warriorsofwealth.com/podcast 

Website: https://rmfiacademy.com/ 

Multifamily Freedom Hacking Book: https://rmfiacademy.com/multifamily-freedom-hacking/