Real estate can have amazing highs, but there are often lows that are not in your control due to changing economies. If you struggle with doubts and knowing how to get through hardships, these mindset tips are for you. 

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset Podcast, we chat with Matt Floyd about his transition from B2B sales to investing in real estate. He’s learned to cultivate a powerful, positive mindset that has helped him get through the many low points that can come when first starting a real estate business. 

We also discuss short term rentals versus long term rentals and the risks of each. Matt talks about looking at different areas in real estate for growth and success, not just profit, which can help you get through any lulls you may have on a property. 

Matt Floyd now runs Stay Classy Management which helps entrepreneurs set up short term or vacation rentals. He’s got a wealth of knowledge to share in this episode, so dive in!  


What we discuss:

(0:43) Matt Floyd’s Background

(5:30) How adventure transfers into business

(8:13) Matt’s transition from B2B sales to real estate

(14:16) The risk of vacation rentals/short term rentals 

(17:00) Real Estate isn’t liquid – it should be thought about long term

(21:50) Profit isn’t the only way to make money

(24:30) Optimizing all avenues of opportunities 

(27:00) Book recommendations 

(36:27) Mistakes to learn from 

(41:17) Matt’s definition of success

(50:42) Where to find more from Matt Floyd 


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