Your physical state and mental health are intrinsically intertwined. Working on your physical health can significantly boost mental fortitude, which in turn, improves other areas in life, like business. 

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset Podcast, we chat with Derrick McBride about building efficiency in all areas of life, whether it’s exercise, dealing with stress, or building a business. Derrick works with athletes to help them improve performance and most of his methods can be applied to any life circumstance. 

We also discuss the importance of physical activity for overall health and how it helps work on mental fortitude. There is a balance between putting in the work physically and also making sure you take time to recover well. 

Derrick McBride is a holistic sports medicine practitioner who combines the time-tested approach of traditional Chinese medicine with modern restorative techniques to provide the most comprehensive care for musculoskeletal wellness and injury rehabilitation.

What we discuss:

(1:03) Derrick’s background and working with athletes. 

(9:07) The mental benefits of taking care of physical health

(14:30) How people can get better with movement 

(20:40) How to build efficiency 

(30:00) How mental state affects performance 

(38:40) Derrick’s book recommendations 

(48:50) The book Anti Fragile 

(51:17) Where to find more from Derrick McBride 


To learn more about Derrick McBride:

Website: or 


Instagram: @the_acufunkurist