Are you sitting on money and want to dive into investing? Or maybe you want to start raising capital to build your portfolio? Wherever you are in your investment journey, listen in while we talk to Jonathan Cattani about his experience with Cattani Capital Group. 

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset Podcast, Cattani delves into his experiences with raising capital and investing. We dive into the ins and outs of it, giving you a multitude of tips. Whether you’re a newbie, or you’re experienced in the real estate investment world, you can learn valuable information from the mistakes and experiences Cattani has been through. 

We also discuss the importance of starting now and not waiting for the “perfect opportunity” as investments take time. There is no quick money maker with investments, so set yourself up in the future by starting today. Overall, this episode offers guidance on patience, continual learning, and what to do with investable capital. 

Jonathan Cattani is a licensed stock broker and host of The Cash Flow Chronicles- a Daily Investing Podcast. He manages a single asset fund of $650k and is a passive investor in 80+ STRs. He founded Cattani Capital Group and offers valuable information on social to those wanting to learn more about investing. 


What we discuss:

(1:00) Jonathan Cattani’s Background

(5:00) Raising Capital 

(9:20) Better traction with newer investors 

(11:32) What you should do with investable capital 

(17:48) Patience – the key to investing

(24:52) Why you should start investing today

(29:00) The choice to do something now

(33:50) Don’t be afraid to ask for help

(39:00) Never stop learning 

(41:30) Cattani’s Book Recommendations

(46:50) The biggest lesson Cattani learned


To learn more about Jonathan Cattani:

Cattani Capital Group: 


Jonny’s Instagram: @jonnycattani