Establishing clear boundaries allows you to let go of unproductive habits and pave the way for new ones that align with your goals. If you’ve wanted to “do better” or create high performance habits, this episode is for you. 

In this episode of The Real Estate Mindset Podcast, I chat with Steve Arneson about the importance of self-reflection as the first step to building high-performance habits. Steve discusses the power of introspection in understanding your current behaviors and identifying how to create new ones. Building high-performance habits starts with a deep look at your current routines and what’s needed to create positive change. 

We also discuss practical strategies and “cheat codes” for building sustainable habits and how to release outdated habits to make space for the ones that truly serve you.

Steve Arneson comes from a real estate family. His uncles are top realtors in Victoria year after year for 30 years running, others are project managers for major developers, and his grandpa founded Town and Country real estate and insurance. Naturally, he started his first live-in flip investment in 2012 at the young age of 24. In The REINVESTORS, he works as the analytical, detailed and data/stat guy. Steve loves connecting with people, the thrill of the hunt, and wants to grow into being a very successful developer.


What we discuss:

(1:00) Arneson’s Background 

(6:15) Growing as a human

(12:00) Working on habits

(15:00) High performance habits

(25:00) Live In Flips

(33:00) Arneson’s fund

(36:00) Book recommendations 

(37:50) Mistakes made

(40:00) Steve’s definition of success

(44:45) Find more from Steve Arneson 


To learn more about Steve Arneson:



Instagram: @the_reinvestors @stevearnesonofficial