Do you ever feel like you’re standing in your own way when it comes to achieving your dreams and success?

In today’s episode of The Real Estate Mindset Podcast, I chat with Aaron Velky about mindset. We don’t go over real estate at all, as this episode is very mindset-driven. We talk about powerful tips for getting out of your own way. Aaron believes we stand in our own way when it comes to dreams and success. We discuss how to dream big, and detail that dream so that it’s realistic and value-driven.  

Our conversation offers guidance for overcoming mindset obstacles that often accompany plateaus and financial loss. Aaron advises that you need to be ready for change and challenge when working on any type of mindset. 

Aaron Velky is a transformational coach on a mission to help you solve your biggest problem: You. He works with entrepreneurs in pursuit of more, not living the life they know they are capable of. He’s been through all the things that kept him from living the life he wanted: being his own worst enemy, believing his own excuses, and not having someone to hold him accountable to change. He’s a truthful, gritty but authentic coach, fighting fearlessly no matter the size of the obstacle for those who have been silenced or have been told to shrink rather than go for their big, audacious dream. 


What we discuss:

(0:47) Aaron’s Background

(10:00) Lessons learned are more important than finances lost

(18:15) Get Out Of Your Own Way 

(23:30) Dream so big it scares you

(34:00) How to overcome worst case scenario 

(39:00) Book Recommendations 

(43:00) Find more from Aaron Velky


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Instagram: @aaronvelky 

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