Are you struggling with getting to your goals? It’s time to take a second look at your habits. 

In today’s episode of The Real Estate Mindset Podcast, we bring Steven Arneson back for more of his insights and wisdom. Steve is very intentional with the value he gives in this episode. We discuss jumping straight into multifamily, versus starting with something smaller so you’re not stuck with something you hate. 

We go over life changing habits, and how to choose ones based on you – not what others do. We discuss how to be an effective leader and deal with uncomfortable situations, and even why you should ensure you’re always choosing values over vanity for success. Lastly, we get real towards the end and share some hard personal stories so we can encourage you if you’re in a dark time. 

Steve Arneson comes from a real estate family. His uncles are top realtors in Victoria year after year for 30 years running, others are project managers for major developers, and his grandpa founded Town and Country Real Estate and Insurance. Naturally, he started his first live-in flip investment in 2012 at the young age of 24. In The REINVESTORS, he works as the analytical, detailed and data/stat guy. Steve loves connecting with people, the thrill of the hunt, and wants to grow into being a very successful developer.


What we discuss:

(2:00) Do you need to go straight to Multifamily

(5:57) How to choose valuable, life-changing habits 

(12:24) Habits to learn from

(27:30) Brand Evangelism – Values over Vanity

(31:26) Being an effective leader

(41:00) Choosing how to show up in a situation

(48:20) Be who you needed during your dark days 


To learn more about Steve Arneson:



Instagram: @the_reinvestors @stevearnesonofficial