Join us for an enlightening discussion with Jay, a real estate investing aficionado who transitioned from traditional bank financing to the dynamic world of private money. Jay recounts the pivotal moment his line of credit vanished, prompting a resourceful shift to private funding. He shares his experience of educating his network on private lending and self-directed IRAs, which astonishingly led to raising over $2 million without a direct ask. Listen in as Jay divulges his clever strategy of ‘good news phone calls’ to prospective investors and the profound influence that a solid mental framework and private capital have had on his ventures in the quaint market of Morehead City, North Carolina.

In our conversation, we unpack the complexities and strategies of private lending in real estate, exploring how to maintain investor relationships and the critical need to reinvest capital post-property sales. I reveal how trust is cultivated with investors through the diligent performance of their money and highlight the security measures like deeds of trust and insurance policies that fortify lender investments. We also discuss the importance of understanding the operator’s track record and making astute property offers. To wrap up, I unveil techniques for discovering eager private lenders, utilizing tools like the Private Lender Data Feed and tapping into personal networks, emphasizing the potential of retired individuals dissatisfied with their retirement fund returns. Tune in for these insights and more, as we explore the impactful world of private lending in real estate.

What we discuss:

(00:02) Private Money

(06:53) Private Lending Strategies and Risks

(18:26) Finding Private Lenders for Real Estate

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