Ever wondered what it takes to build and rent out 150 brand new single-family homes in a year?

In today’s episode, Brock from Memphis shares his inspiring journey from mowing lawns for foreclosed properties in high school to becoming a powerhouse residential builder and rental property owner. Despite the challenging market conditions, Brock’s company is on track to complete an impressive 150 new construction rental homes this year, primarily in the booming Sarasota, Florida area. He reveals his strategies for identifying profitable markets, designing contemporary yet affordable rental products that appeal to today’s renters, and the mindset shifts required to scale a residential construction business successfully. If you’re interested in new construction investments or the fundamentals of operating a thriving real estate business, this is a must-listen episode packed with valuable insights from someone doing it at a massive scale.

Brock Holliman is a successful real estate investor and builder from Memphis, Tennessee who now operates primarily in Florida. He got his start mowing lawns of foreclosed homes as a high school student before attending real estate auctions and flipping houses with his father, a builder. Brock has since built hundreds of homes across several states, focusing now on building single-family rental properties in suburban areas of Orlando and southwest Florida, especially Sarasota County. His company builds contemporary 4-bed/2-bath homes and operates its own property management arm.

What we discuss:

(00:02) Real Estate Investment and Development

(07:34) Building Homes

(14:43) Investing in Sarasota

(24:00) Building Success in Real Estate

(31:12) Real Estate Business and Investing Show

To learn more about Brock Holliman:

Website: https://www.mynewrental.com/ 



Instagram: @follow.brock