Do you struggle with impostor syndrome? 

In this candid and relatable episode, we dive deep into our personal experiences with impostor syndrome, particularly during career transitions. We share authentic stories about the challenges of shedding old identities and embracing new ones without feeling like an impostor.

We discuss the pressure to fit into expected roles or labels, and how this can lead to feelings of inauthenticity and self-doubt. We also emphasize the importance of being true to yourself, even when stepping into a new career or environment. 

Whether you’re starting a new job, building a business, or pursuing a passion project, this episode provides relatable insights and strategies for overcoming impostor syndrome and embracing your true self along the way.


What we discuss:

(00:02) Navigating Authenticity in Business Relationships

(10:14) Embracing Identity and Authenticity

(13:46) Identity Beyond Career

(22:48) Self-Development and Accountability

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