Have you ever stopped to think about what it really means to be a champion? Is it just about holding a trophy or winning a title?

In this week’s powerful podcast episode, guest John Marrone shares a profound insight: the true value of becoming a champion lies in who you become along the way. It’s about celebrating the days you put in the work when you didn’t want to, overcoming doubt, and pushing through resistance.

John’s journey from a troubled past to a successful coach and entrepreneur is a testament to the power of mindset and perseverance. His walking quotes and actionable tips will leave you feeling empowered to tackle your own challenges and become the champion of your life.

John Marrone is the Co-Founder of Real Estate Mastery Coaching. John is a High-Performance Transformation Specialist and has coached over 7,000+ Real Estate Agents on proven conversion techniques. When he’s not coaching he shares the stage with other impactful leaders like Tony Robbins, Trent Shelton & More. 

Don’t miss this inspiring episode of the Real Estate Mindset podcast. Listen now and discover how celebrating the process, not just the outcome, can lead you to incredible growth and success.


What we discuss:

(00:02) Life Transformation Through Transparency and Work

(06:36) Real Estate Mastery Coaching Formula

(18:50) Finding Motivation in Everyday Life

(24:43) Success Through Dedication and Delayed Gratification

(34:55) Embracing the Process and Setting Boundaries


To learn more about John Marrone:

Website: https://www.homesofemeraldcoast.com/ 

Instagram: @realjohnmarrone

Coaching: https://www.gorealestatemastery.com/payatclose