In the world of real estate investing, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of finding deals and raising capital. But what happens after you close the deal?

In today’s episode of the Real Estate Mindset podcast, I sit down with Kyle Mckinney, a seasoned professional with a fascinating background in defense and commercial real estate. Kyle shares a valuable insight that many investors overlook: asset management is the key to long-term success. While finding deals and raising capital are undeniably important, asset management is the marathon portion of the business. It’s the day-to-day work of managing properties, communicating with investors, and making sure your investments are performing as expected.

Kyle’s unique perspective and wealth of experience make for an engaging and informative conversation that will leave you with actionable insights you can apply to your own investing journey.

Kyle McKinney has a diverse background spanning government service and commercial real estate. Kyle co-founded an investment firm that raised capital for co-general partners. Currently, Kyle shares his expertise through consulting and his latest venture, Pentagon Property Academy, where he teaches investors and aspiring investors the ins and outs of owning and managing multifamily properties, with a strong emphasis on asset management.

What we discuss:

(00:00) Asset Management and Entrepreneurial Transition

(09:00) Lessons Learned From Business Success

(17:08) Real Estate Mindset and Asset Management

(26:26) The Importance of Asset Management

To learn more about Kyle McKinney:

Website: Pentagon Property Academy