Are you ready to learn from a real estate investor who’s built a thriving business from the ground up?

In today’s episode of The Real Estate Mindset Podcast, I talk with Brian Green, a successful real estate investor and developer from Saratoga Springs, New York. Brian shares his journey from owning a chain of Verizon Wireless stores to building a thriving real estate business with his brother.

Our conversation goes over the importance of gaining hands-on experience and knowledge in real estate before taking on larger projects. Brian emphasizes that it takes time and effort to reach the “10,000 hour tipping point” where everything starts to click. He also stresses the value of finding your niche within the business, whether it’s deal analysis, construction management, or property management. You’ll learn Brian’s approach to heavy value-add projects, the challenges of ground-up development, and his philosophy on building a successful real estate business.

Brian Green is the Founding Principal of Green Springs Capital and has been investing in real estate for the past 9 years. Before real estate, Brian founded a chain of retail stores that grew to over $10 million in annual sales before successfully exiting the company in 2014. He is a licensed NYS broker and has a Masters in Business Administration.

To learn more about Brian Green:
Instagram: @greenspringscapital